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David Reeve <span>General Counsel and Director of Legal</span>

David Reeve General Counsel and Director of Legal

David Reeve is the head of the OS Petro’s legal team. Mr. Reeve brings over 30 years of experience as a practicing attorney and business executive to OS Petro. Mr. Reeve was one of the initial team members that facilitated the formation of OS Petro and its subsidiaries. and he has been an active member of the company’s executive team since the company’s inception. Mr. Reeve provides OS Petro with the legal framework to protect its intellectual property and its organizational legal resources. David has emerge out of the core group of OS Petro executives as a progressive thinker and a solutions provider to both the legal and operations departments of the company. His work within OS Petro has helped improve the company’s legal standard with industry partners and competitors. Mr. Reeve’s responsibilities within the organization also includes addressing any representations that are made by employees of OS Petro that may be detrimental to the company’s vision and goals. He has championed the cause of protecting the OS Petro brand and product suite by staying abreast with new and innovative legal concepts on intellectual property filings and also on trademark and copyright registrations.

Mr. Reeve received a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Utah State University in 1977, and a Juris Doctorate from Brigham Young University in 1980. He was admitted to the Utah Bar Association in 1980 and continues as a current practicing member of such. Mr. Reeve is a past president of the Utah Trial Lawyers Association and has had experience in many of the law and business settings. Mr. Reeve took the responsibility of drafting and implementing many of the initial documents and procedures that put the company on its path for organization and success as a Corporation. Outside of his corporate duties, Mr. Reeve is also a personal advisor to Mr. Kenny Andam and has been supportive of Mr. Andam’s business efforts worldwide.