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Our focus on the WCTP zone for its successful discoveries has made our Ghana operations offshore business attractive to major partnerships worldwide. We are exploring major possibilities within this zone in Ghana currently.

OS Petro’s focus on West Cape Three Points South section of the Tano Basin has sparked a lot of interesting partnerships that is developing into real value add to our current secured concessions in Namibia.

We are anticipating explosive growth in our oil and gas services sector in our Ghana operations division. We are also currently structuring an entry into the petroleum products development and refinery build out sector and have made major progress to date with the securing of our upstream services license in our partners company Etrumah. OS Petro has a vision for Ghana’s oil and gas future and we are executing our business plan with precision that is leading us to major success in the sector.

Hydro carbon occurrence at the tano-ivory coast area near Ghana

The Tano-Ivory Coast area is a proven oil province containing two producing fields in the Ivory Coast and one world class producing field in Ghana. Significant or large discoveries have been made in Ghana in the last four years.

The Tano Cape Three Points basin near Ghana is a Cretaceous basin located in the transform margin of West Africa. The basin developed as a result of rifting and drifting of the Atlantic margin where thick Upper Cretaceous-Tertiary section overly a rift section. The drift section is dominated by slope and basin floor fans, channel systems and other stratigraphic traps.

The main source rock is the Turonian – Cenomanian section and the Albian shales. The thick drift section provides enough overburden to mature the source rock and the same time serve as seals for the stratigraphic play types. This is a PROLIFIC deepwater basin that plays host to numerous oil, gas, and condensate discoveries; eg. Jubilee (Mahogany), Tweneboa, Enyenra, Ntomme, Akasa, Paradise, Banda, Sankofa, Gye Nyame and Dzata.

WCTP Tano Block
Reservoir Rocks
Source Rocks
Traps and Seals
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