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Kenny E. Andam

Our most important founding strategist and creative mind, Kenny Andam brings twenty years of successful business and entrepreneurial experience to the table. Leading our development and innovation in the establishment of OS Petro,

Mr Andam has demonstrated team leadership and effective execution as an entrepreneur in the many fields of accomplishments that is reflected on his resume. Mr. Andam’s interest in leading OS Petro within the resource sector of South Saharan Africa can be best viewed from a recent interview he granted to world known network CNN which can be Viewed Here: Getting educated about Oil & Gas by friends within the industry attracted Mr. Andam to the Oil and Gas sector. After it was announced in the global press that a successful discovery of massive quantities of Oil & Gas had been found in his region of his birth in the country of Ghana, Mr. Andam was encourage to form OS Petro to explore the possibilities of securing an oil and gas asset in Ghana to help enhance local content participation in the industry. Embarking on an entrepreneurial adventure to learn more about the new found resource that was being explored in his country and hometown, Mr Andam organized a team of experienced Oil entrepreneurs, geo-physicist, and geological engineers to undertake the journey to Ghana to launch his newly formed Oil and Gas Company OS Petro. Through MrAndam’s existing established relationships in Ghana, OS Petro has made its successful entry into the Ghana oil and Gas sector with a focus of expanding its asset reserves across West Africa. Since

the inception of OS Petro, Mr Andam has acted as the chairman of the board and CEO/President of OS Petro. Upon the founding of OS Petro, Mr. Andam lead the company to the successful securing of four onshore blocks in the Okavango and Owambo Basins in Namibia and one offshore block on the Walvis ridge in the waters of Angola and Namibia. OS Petro also partnered with Nigeria’s clear water consortium to secure lucrative acreage in the delta basin in Nigiaria and is currently undergoing the development processes to complete the evaluation and review of the block. Before founding OS Petro, Mr. Andam founded Side Equity (www.sideequity.com), which is a private equity fund dedicated to identifying and financing innovations and natural resource opportunities in Africa. Most recently, Mr. Andam has been CEO/President of WorldVuer Inc. which is a software company that provides interactive video conferencing and office collaborative tools to corporations and enterprises around the world. As a serial entrepreneur, Mr. Andam has also founded and established several other companies within the cycle of 20 years of being in business and one of such companies is Globa Cash LTD., a transaction and remittance services provider operating in the US, and Africa. Before founding Worldvuer and Globa, Mr Andam was CTO of HealthRight Inc., a web based personal health record service provider. Mr Andam led the development of Healthright’s PHR system and web based 3-D self-analysis tool for personal health management and consumer practitioner interactive journal. Before joining HealthRight, Inc. Prior to venturing into the entrepreneurial sector, Mr Andam established himself among the elite in the development of scalable distributed applications and systems development by leading large scale, complex development projects for leading IT shops including Microsoft, Virgin Mobile, NTT DoCoMo, ALLTel LTD, Telus, Inc., CelluVision, Inc., GMate, Inc., Squanet International, Inc., SK Telecom, Satellite Connections LTD, LenderLab, Inc., Morinda, Inc. and Voyager Entertainment. Board Positions Mr. Andam sits on the board of several companies in the Oil & Gas financing sector, technology sector, entertainment industry, and the direct selling sector. He is the chairman of the board at Beverly Air Development Group, Chairman of the board of Side Equity, Inc., Chairman of the board at Lexap PTE PTY, Member of the board of KCS, Inc., chairman of the board of WorldVuer Inc., chairman of the board at Sleek Media Inc., chairman of the board at OS Petro and many other companies both in the US and international. Education Mr Andam holds an MSIS in IT Management and a Database Management Certification from CTU and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics and Computer Science from Brigham Young University.