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OS Petro Inc. is a company that has focused its financial, operational, and technical expertise in the oil and gas sector in South Saharan Africa. Our company has established partnerships with countries within this sector of the world to develop their valuable reserves to benefit their people, and their country.

Through this focus, we are able to participate in the revenue realized from the reserve we develop with our partners in these regions to boost our bottom line profit and deliver value to our shareholder.

OS Petro’s operations in Namibia’s offshore waters are focused on two concessions in the Namibi and Orange basins. Our Namibi Basin concession is in the deep waters right below the walvis ridge in Namibia and holds petroleum systems that has attracted major exploration and drilling companies to the zone.

OS Petro and its local Namibian partners successfully completed the negotiations of the PSA with Namcor and we are excited about being approved for block 1809 for exploration and drilling.

OS Petro has also focused its growth attention to the Tano Basin discoveries and is working with the appropriate authorities to enter the Ghanaian oil and gas market. Our focus as a company is to expand our asset holdings in Oil and Gas across South of the Sahara.

As an investment partner with OS Petro, we value your partnership and look forward to providing you with the needed information about our growth as a company.

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