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O.S. Petro is a company with a culture for partnerships, associations and team work. The company comprises of a team of technical experts, financial experts, administrative team and a team of project consultants.

OS Petro is a flagship company with major achievements under its belt since its inception. The Company is confident of its growth and expansion across rich oil and gas basins in South Saharan Africa.

With headquarters in the USA and operations in Namibia and Ghana, the company has great potential to become a leading platform for future oil and gas exploration projects across Sub-Saharan Africa.

Our executive team and employee network are skilled technocrats and field personnel who initiate every minute detailed implementation of each and every project. OS Petro prides itself as a confident investor network that it has established itself within a circle of qualified accredited financial resources that see the vision, mission, and goals of the company. The financial confidence of the company is based on its drive and ability to penetrate rich reserves in democratic zones across Sub-Saharan.

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