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South-Saharan Africa is the geographic area of the African continent that lies south of the Sahara Desert. It consists of all African countries that are fully or partially located south of the Sahara.

The Offshore focus of OS Petro in Ghana and Namibia has sparked many exciting partnerships that are currently positioning the company for massive growth in South-Saharan Africa. With our established position in four onshore petroleum basins and one offshore basin in Namibia’s Namibi basin and our recent focus in the West Cape Three Point area in the deep waters of Ghana, we are poised for major discoveries in both locations.

We are a new age oil and gas company with a determined path to great growth into the future. Our proven capabilities within the last two years have brought us four onshore concessions in the rich belt of the Owambo basin in Namibia, two offshore concessions in the rich Namibi basin and close to the massive Kudu gas discovery. We have also been in the process of securing an oil block in the West Cape Three Point belt in Ghana’s rich oil and gas Tano Basin.

We see that other prospective locations in Nigeria and Cameroon that we are exploring have huge potential and will bring more value to our asset base and natural resources growth curve. We are looking forward to a stellar development and growth cycle that will keep our partners, shareholders, and valuable country affiliates excited about our company.

We are the new Operations System of New Age Oil and Gas exploration and development.

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