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The company is driven by the strength of its financial and technical resources that are needed to identify the value assets for every project that has the potential to bring great financial rewards to the company and its investor partners.

When our company focuses on an asset, we review the proposals presented by the stakeholders in the asset and make an informed decision on the exact value the asset will bring to our portfolio of reserves. We also take an informative decision on the benefits that the asset will bring to our shareholders and the com-munities where the asset is located within.

After a thorough analysis of the environmental impact that the asset may have within the country that it is located in, we develop an informative investment dossier for the asset With this document completed, we are able to make a well structured financial decision on whether to pursue the asset or not With this focus, we have been able to develop rich and lucrative assets with reserves that make our company very attractive to investors in the oil and gas sector.