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Sub-Saharan Africa is the geographic area of the African continent that lies south of the Sahara Desert. It consists of all African countries that are fully or partially located south of the Sahara.  

The Offshore focus of OS Petro in Ghana and Namibia has sparked many exciting partnerships that are currently positioning the company for massive growth in Sub-Saharan Africa. Over the years the company has invested in the development of the relationships and has strategic alliances for the sub African region for oil and natural gas exploration along with drilling majors, geophysical and geological service companies across the world. We are focused and structured with the development of our work programs for both Ghana and Namibia.

We know that our growth is paramount on the protection of our assets and hence we are building a formidable framework of strong operators and technical teams to maintain our growth in oil and gas.

At OS Petro, we have established our first operating presence in Ghana and Namibia with a focus to expand our securing of valuable assets across Sub-Saharan Africa.

Our vision as a company is to secure great asset in oil and gas across the many reserve rich countries that we have identified.

Our team of executives in Namibia is focused on orchestrating the survey on the concessions with our partner company who has been contracted to undertake this very exciting initiative. The conclusion of this survey will position OS Petro to initiate 2D and 3D seismic shooting over the four concessions and also initiate the development of our companies work program in the Owambo Basin.

We have also been in the process of securing a WCTP concession in Ghana’s rich oil and gas basin and we are confident that our closure of these concessions is eminent. We see that other prospective locations in Nigeria, Tanzania, Equatorial Guinea, and Cameroon that we are exploring have huge potential and will bring more value to our asset base and natural resources growth curve.

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