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Jet A1

Our companies strategic partnerships with trusted refineries in select countries of interest has provided our company with the allocated annual contracts for 25 Million Barrels of JET A1 monthly supply to our clients globally. With our storage tank resources in the ports of Rotterdam, Fujairah, and Durban, we are methodically and strategically developing a stronger network of buyers who trust our logistical capabilities to deliver their product without any delays.

We have also developed our trade desk resources in the United Kingdom to source more JET A1 refinery suppliers to grow our supply capacity to 40 Million BBL target by 2025.

At OS Petro, we believe that every country energy sector provides different models and governing laws to how licenses are secured and how development of oil and gas reserves is developed. With our knowledge base in over a decade of committed operations in the industry, we have learned to be more versatile in how we work with our country partners to meet the needs of the local systems and models that leads to success in the implementation of our upstream sector business.

We look forward to partnering with individuals and organizations looking for the right partner for their energy sector vision within their country. We work to learn together with you the best approaches to how your countries industry works and we develop the best solution for your energy sector.

To work within the oil and gas sector in any country requires a dedicated team in the energy ministry of the country willing to work with our team to deliver the required processes for qualifying to develop our brand within the country and its industry. We are ready and willing and so provide us the pathway and we will work with you to bring in the needed expertise to build a formidable energy sector with you and your leadership.

OS Petro and its partner Oicintra Inc are working to partner with local continent power providers to bring into many of the emerging markets modularized power resources to enhance the delivery of reliable electricity and stable power distribution. Partner with us for your power sector needs.


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