OS Petro appoints Mr. Sebastian Sanchez as the companies Operations Director in Johannesburg, South Africa.

OS Petro announced the appointment of Mr. Sebastian Sanchez as the companies operations director responsible for the management of the companies Johannesburg office and SADC focused growth strategy and plan. The company engaged the services of Mr. Sanchez to drive the business growth of the companies downstream bulk distribution focus for its Diesel, JET A1, and LPG business in the South African energy sector with a goal to expand the imports of finished products to neighboring countries.

Before joining OS Petro, Mr. Sanchez served as the Managing Director of Sanjo Construction, leading a consortium of companies that specialize not only in construction and development, but also in providing full-turnkey solutions for pharmaceutical firms. The entry to the oil and gas sector is exciting for Mr. Sanchez as he brings his years of skills in people management to an industry that is core to the daily livelihood of people. Mr. Sanchez intend to extend his broad range of expertise to the OS Petro team and has committed his time and resources to initiating his first major transaction for OS Petro SA the same week he was engaged to assume the position of Operations Director.

Mr. Michael Sutton, President of OS Petro, expressed his gratitude to Mr. Sanchez for accepting the appointment to lead OS Petro South Africa’s operations team and encouraged the newly appointed executive to work in conjunction with the team of executives that the company has worldwide to help build a strong foundation for the growth of OS Petro SA.

About OS Petro

OS Petro is an international Oil & Gas company with several divisions that cater to the vast needs of the industry worldwide. Our company has an exploration and production division, a products and services division, a diversified technology portfolio division, and a social responsibility division that caters for the citizens of the communities and countries we operate within. We have our corporate offices in the US, Canada, Europe, Philippines, Singapore, Ghana, Namibia, Nigeria, and South Africa.

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