OS Petro partners with Anrico Enterprises

OS Petro has partnered with Anrico enterprises to pursue rich medium-term projects in the oil and gas sector in the US in the State of Utah and its rich oil and gas reserves. Both companies are collaborating to expand their operating interest into a sector that OS Petro has major experience in and Anrico is ambitious and determined to enter. With its years of rich experience in hydrocarbon exploration and reserves development in the sector, OS Petro believes that Anrico’s on ground access to localities in Utah with potential Oil and Gas reserves will allow for the two companies to work hand in hand to identify potential production opportunities. .

Richard Hamblin, CEO of Anrico Enterprises stated in their operating offices in American Fork that the company sees that entering the oil production assessment market in Utah is exciting. Mr. Hamblin further stated that its sister operating company in Ghana is currently focused on working with OS Petro in the OMC sector as a supplier and so the US operating company deems it as a great opportunity to explore possibilities in the US as well. This according to him will help bridge the gap between the efforts in Africa and all that is happening in the US oil and gas sector.

Both OS Petro and Anrico have jointly developed a migration strategy for the Oil Marketing sector and are planning on embarking further into the renewable energy industry within 2024.

About OS Petro:

OS Petro is an international Oil & Gas company with several divisions that cater to the vast needs of the industry worldwide. Our company has an exploration and production division, a products and services division, a diversified technology portfolio division, and a social responsibility division that caters for the citizens of the communities and countries we operate within. We have our corporate offices in the US, Canada, Europe, Philippines, Singapore Ghana, Namibia, Nigeria, and South Africa.


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