OS Petro partners with Sleek Media

OS Petro, a Nevada corporation with offices the US, Africa, and Asia has signed a marketing partnership with Sleek Media to help manage and promote its social media and social corporate responsibility projects worldwide. With this initiative and the growing need for Oil and Gas companies to be more emissions conscious, OS Petro has embarked on engaging the right media partner to help achieve its goals online and within its CSR portfolio of projects.

Sleek Media offers a wide array of media and production Services ranging from audio-visual production, creative and graphic designs, events management, logistics and consulting, media buying, marketing, sales, website development, innovations, mobile app development, brand identity and communications. OS Petro see’s the capabilities of Sleek Media as the solution to its corporate needs and agenda. The partnership will have all media marketing activities of the company in its social and aspirational departments be handled in collaboration with Sleek Media Group. 

Both companies are keen on making this collaborative effort work and build the success that will bring growth to OS Petro in its quest to become a brand that contributes to the communities the company operates within.

About OS Petro:

OS Petro is an international Oil & Gas company with several divisions that cater to the vast needs of the industry worldwide. Our company has an exploration and production division, a products and services division, a diversified technology portfolio division, and a social responsibility division that caters for the citizens of the communities and countries we operate within. We have our corporate offices in the US, Canada, Europe, Philippines, Singapore Ghana, Namibia, Nigeria, and South Africa.

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