OS Petro and Oicintra Inc. signs MOU.

OS Petro and Oicintra Inc., both with operating offices in the State of Nevada, have built a joint team in the Eastern Cape of South Africa to explore the natural resource opportunities in the mining and oil and gas sectors. Oicintra’s identified opportunities in the Eastern Cape which were in line with OS Petros strategy for the development and expansion of its brand into South Africa drove the two companies to agree on getting engaged in a joint venture.  With this view, Oicintra engaged OS Petro to undertake the Oil and Gas exploratory development in Lamberts Bay and brought into the partnership development strategy that the company was undertaking in Lamberts Bay. 

OS Petro honored the invitation and has joined Oicintra Inc. in signing a Memorandum of Understanding with the leadership of the Eastern Cape to initiate the process to bring development to the region. The Memorandum of Understanding spells out the strategic development of identified waters that have marine life that OS Petro is working with special teams to protect and migrate into safe waters for work to begin. This purposeful initiate will lay the foundation of geological survey of the waters to bring to light the hydrocarbon deposits within the waters in Lamberts Bay.

Keith McAllister, Chairman and CEO of Oicintra, Inc., and a Board Member at OS Petro stated at the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding that the two companies will undertake the efforts within Lamberts Bay with a unified focus to bring great success to both. “With Oicintra utilizing the most cost effective, safe and environmentally responsible 21st century solutions and its human capital  development respectively, and OS Petro’s state of the art seismic technologies, the partnership will deliver on its commitments”, Mr. McAllister concluded. 

The joint initiative has been slated to commence officially in the third quarter of fiscal 2022.  

About OS Petro:

OS Petro is an international Oil & Gas company with several divisions that cater to the vast needs of the industry worldwide. Our company has an exploration and production division, a products and services division, a diversified technology portfolio division, and a social responsibility division that caters for the citizens of the communities and countries we operate within. We have our corporate offices in the US, Canada, Europe, Philippines, Singapore Ghana, Namibia, Nigeria, and South Africa.

About Oicintra:

Oicintra specializes in the placement of qualified and experienced personnel in every facet and area of our business. With the objective of continuously improving and achieving excellence in our industry, Oicintra has developed and implemented high standards of excellence and professionalism in the natural resource sector.


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