OS Petro and Oicintra visit Lamberts Bay.

OS Petro and its Joint Venture partner Oicintra Inc. visited Lamberts Bay and its Mayor in South Africa to discuss further collaboration with the city on the intentions of the companies to bring sustainable growth and employment to his municipalities. The visit open up the need for the refurbishment of a desalination plant that can serve the needs of local communities. With this newly discovered opportunity, the two companies have agreed to identify the right partner for the management of the plant. 

Chairman and CEO of Oicintra Mr. Keith McAllister, and CEO of OS Petro Dr. Kenneth Andam both agreed to the strategy to expand their presence in Lamberts Bay and help bring other anchor partner companies to assist the Mayor in his vision for the city and its people. Lamberts Bay residents who had the opportunity to meet the team from OS Petro and Oicintra expressed their gratitude for the two organizations for having an interest in helping with the development of the Oceanfront communities that the major serves. 

About OS Petro:

OS Petro is an international Oil & Gas company with several divisions that cater to the vast needs of the industry worldwide. Our company has an exploration and production division, a products and services division, a diversified technology portfolio division, and a social responsibility division that caters for the citizens of the communities and countries we operate within. We have our corporate offices in the US, Canada, Europe, Philippines, Singapore Ghana, Namibia, Nigeria, and South Africa.

About Oicintra:

Oicintra specializes in the placement of qualified and experienced personnel in every facet and area of our business. With the objective of continuously improving and achieving excellence in our industry, Oicintra has developed and implemented high standards of excellence and professionalism in the natural resource sector.

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