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OS Petro is an international Oil & Gas exploration and production company with corporate offices in the US and Africa with operations in Ghana, Cote D’Ivoire,Angola, and Nigeria.

Area of Focus

Our company is focused on developing the oil and gas sector of South-Saharan Africa which is the geographic area of the African continent that lies south of the Sahara Desert.


Our company provides upstream services within the offshore and onshore sector with our partner companies Opus Offshore, Apec Energy Enterprises, SeaCare, and Quest Energy. We work with our partners to secure lucrative oil and gas acreage and undertake the development of the reserves within them.


Our midstream operations include providing transportations services in the delivery chain of the oil and gas sector. We also work with our partners to provide bulk oil storage and refining of crude through systemic and affordable procedures for delivery of crude and the refining of it into finish product for distribution to consumers. 


Our Downstream partner company Takoradi Oil Refinery has developed a comprehensive plan to build a modern refinery in Sanzule in the Western Region of Ghana to provide refining capacity to the booming exploration and production industry within the region. 

Oil Field Support Services

At OS Petro, we provide Lifting & Inspection, Lda, provide Inspection, Maintenance & Integrity Engineering Services to the Oil & Gas Industry in South Saharan Africa with our partners and business affiliates. 


We are committed as a company to invest in educating local citizens of the various countries we operate in so that the future of our company will become dependent on the use of local expertise. 


We Are Leading The Offshore And Onshore Oil And Gas Reserves Discovery And Development Across Africa And The World.

Cote d’Ivoire Operations

Cote d’Ivoire Operations

Our Offshore Block and Two Onshore Blocks within the oil and gas basins gives us the positioning as a major competitor with our partner Quest Energy. OS Petro is excited about the prospects of our onshore blocks and our offshore blocks development work program with our partners.

Ghana Operations

Ghana Operations

Our focus in the Tano Basin of Ghana with its successful discoveries has made Ghana’s offshore business attractive to major exploration and development companines looking to participate in the countries booming oil and gas sector.

Angola Operations:

Angola Operations:

With a focus on the onshore oil and gas sector in Angola, we are strategically working with local partners to initiate the development of reserve rich onshore acreage that will entrench us in the industry within the country.

Nigeria Operations

Nigeria Operations

: Focus on the development of our partnership block with our local content team in the delta basin allows us to position our company and become a contributor to the progressive expansion of the oil and gas sector in the country.

Namibia Operations

Namibia Operations

Our company intends to engage with Namcor to re-establish our interest in getting a re-assignment of the blocks we secured for development onshore in the Okavango Basin.


OS Petro is poised to become the future of the Sub-Saharan African Oil and Gas sector. I am an investor in the company and have great confidence in their growth to date. Mr. Cuttino Mobley .When I was introduced to OS Petro, I originally hesitated in joining the company’s investor team. After reviewing their business plan and the closing of their first concessions in Namibia, I invested with

Why Us

We pride ourselves with our historical growth as a company and our determination to build an Oil and Gas company within South Saharan Africa that has the desires of the indigenous people within the countries we operate within at heart. We are the company that focuses on the interest of the people within the countries whose natural resources we explore and develop. We build to serve the communities we benefit financially from during a successful development lifecycle.

Our Evolution

Our proven capabilities since our inception have brought us lucrative acreage in several reserve rich countries within South Saharan Africa. We currently are positioned to initiate development on two onshore blocks and two offshore blocks that have major reserve potential. At our growth pace, we are confident that we will reach our goal of securing several reserve acreages within our first 8 years of operations as a company in a highly competitive sector

Growth Strategy

Our company name represents the Operating System (OS) of the OnShore (OS) and OffShore (OS) oil and gas sector. With this vision of building the operating system of the massive oil and gas industry within South Saharan Africa, we have conducted research into the various countries within the African continent and identified their reserve capacity in Oil and Gas. With this information, we are determined as a company to help them maximize these innate resources to the benefit of their people, their country, and the continent of Africa in general.

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